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Tea with hope.



By not using a single drop of pesticides/fertilizers, we avoid putting nature under stress. Instead, we are able to draw out the true characteristics of the tea, a true "mountain tea" that transport you to the fields. It has a gentle sweetness that lingers in your mouth, and a characteristic aroma. Cultivating many varieties of tea species, we also protect the native species that has a taste truly unique to this field and soil.

1930...Started tea farming
1983...Stopped using any pesticides or chemical fertilizers
2001...Received JAS (Japanese Agricultural Standard) certification
2007...Started as Miyazaki Sabo

We have been producing delicious, organic tea that gives you both energy and happiness.



We began organic farming about 40 years ago, triggered by an accident in which a friend of my mother passed away, caused by pesticides. Hearing of the news, we realized that we do not want to make tea that could detriment life. We want to produce tea that you can drink without any worries or concern and simply enjoy. With these strong thoughts, we have been farming for about 40 years now without using an ounce of pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

For a long time, we struggled using only organic fertilizers as our harvest would be greatly dependent on the weather. As the weather changes, the flavor and quality of the tea changes too. There were times when we were not able to harvest anything at all due to pests. However, we realized something. It's not about controlling nature, nature has given us this land. It is about growing the tea that nature allows here, it is about making something special and unique to this place.



At an elevation of 1200-1600m, the summers in the small town of Gokase are hot, and the winters are snowy. Located in between Miyazaki Prefecture and Kumamoto Prefecture, we look out onto the beautiful Mount Aso (the largest active volcano in Japan). The thick fog descending upon the tea fields is beyond words. The temperature difference between the seasons is great, making for not only a beautiful place but an ideal location for tea farming.

ORGANIC JAS (Japanese Agricultural Standard) Certified
The Japan Emperor’s Awards Winner
The Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Prize Winner
The UK Great Tastes Awards 2013 Gold Prize
The Japanese Tea Awards Platinum Prize / Grand Prize Special Award
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